Horse Betting Tips For Veterans

It takes some time, patience and practice before you are expert in betting like veterans. You will have to hold on patience even if you lose some amount initially as this game definitely asks for some time. By degenerate gamble, it means that you are not here just for the sake for money but also to be a part of the thrill that this game offers. You are here because you are a savvy operator and love to beat the odds.

Here is certain horse racing tips Australia or things that you will be looking for in the game as a veteran:

•    As a veteran you will take interest in each and every piece of data regarding the past of the horse you are willing to betting on and present to. It allows you to have an edge on an upcoming race. A horse-betting veteran will look into details of trainers of the horse, its bloodline and will get the weather report of the day, Racetrack conditions, how fast the horse ran in his last race and the equipments that are to be used on the horse. It is because the ‘blinkers’ which are used on horse’s eyes do effect the racing ability of the horse.

•    A veteran will have all the data of the horse and all that is related to horse in hand. He will definitely have the Daily Racing Form.

•    You can combine one or two bets in way to maximize your chances of winning. Though it will cost you a little more but at the same time payouts too will also be higher based on the horse’s odds. Basics include:
•    Exacta:
o    The first two horse in order are picked i.e. ‘Win’ and ‘Place’ horses

•    Quenelle:
o    The first two horses in either of the order are picked.
•    Trisect:
o    The first three horses finishing line are picked in a row.
•    Daily Double:
    The winner horses of two consecutive races are chosen.

•    Since all the races are predetermined, so it is not possible for you to pick any three races.

•    A degenerate gambler will not remain confined to only one track, instead he will be betting on different racetracks across the country. All these races are simulcasted on huge television screens incorporated in the Grandstand area. It means that if you have placed bets on different horses in varied races but happening at the same day. Then you can watch over the status of all the races simultaneously by watching all on TV screens.

So, before you start placing serious bets it is advised that you start with lower ones. Thus, you will not have too loose much but will have a lot to learn. Once you reached veteran level, it will be easy for you to bet like a baller.